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Champagne Diamonds

Thursday, 30th March

Prepare to be dazzled! Champagne Diamonds -  the ultimate destination for the most precious of all the gemstones and glorious fashions.  Join us now for the chic hue of Champagne Diamonds and ladies at the top of their game in the car & fashion industry.

Special guest speakers 

Fashion parade with Kallure Jewels & Catherine R Couture


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Successful, Resourceful, Engaging, Ambitious and Confident


How do these women do it?

European Women in Business (EWIB) brings professional women together to create networking connections and share in knowledge, experiences and resources within a variety of events conducive to European links or just sharing an interest in European culture.

A strong network is the key to opening doors and we provide these opportunities.   EWIB is dynamic, supportive and fun, where you can develop business relationships surrounded by successful, interesting and well-connected women.

With an eye toward the changing culture of business, we offer a friendly, social and innovative networking organization dedicated to assisting career women of all ages from a broad range of industries.  EWIB is for Women who want it all!


Our Mission Statement  

To promote business, personal development and focus on issues that affect today‚Äôs working women;  To promote health, work/life balance, enrich and inspire women to advance personally and professionally.

Increase your knowledge and visibility through our business development events to inform, inspire and celebrate!

Operating since February 2012, European Women in Business provides a unique networking platform for women in business who wish to surround themselves with diverse, stylish themed events and network with other dynamic women.  Our prestigious events and business presentations offer not only the opportunity to pursue career advancement, also personal and professional development for work, life, balance within a friendly and social setting.  Guests experience exclusive opportunities to view high quality brands which will enhance their style, presentation and life opportunities.  Networking is a priority and our events enrich their lives and give them advantages in the business world blending networking, culture, artefacts, business presentations and magnificent surroundings.